On the 2nd of December 2017, MRL Private Collection entered their first hair festival. Since MRL had launched their new range of all natural hair care product they have done thorough research into this new product, but also new movement.

As the researcher of all these events that is catered to women and men with natural hair. We are learning more and more each day with this side of our range.

MRL Private Collection embarked on this journey to create a product for natural hair types. They have six products in this range.

  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo
  • Easy- Comb Moistruriser
  • Nutri Rich Hair Food
  • Hair Protein Cream
  • Hair Tonic Spray
  • Moisturizing Oil Spray

Change the way you think about hair

Word’s from Mynaturalhair.co.za

You can get all the information from how to use the different products. What styles best suits you.

We are learning as we grow with our product. Currently our Hair Protein Cream is a big seller amongst all hair types.

For All Hair Types

Helps restore and retain lost hair moisture making it softer and more manageable and conditions, leaving your hair strong, healthy and shiny. Excellent for relaxed, braided or weaved hair, natural curl activating.

You can purchase this product directly from our online store.

A little about MHS(My Hair Story)

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It’s a proudly South African organization that was started by Lindiwe Van Staden.

This website is the centerpiece of the natural hair movement in South Africa. We have created a central space where you, as a natural, have access to the natural hair Ambassadors, products, events and services.

For the ambassadors: We offer a space where your voices  can be heard collectively.
The hair care evolution is now and we are making sure it is conquered in unity and with force!

www.naturalhair.co.za is a space where as a natural, you can have confidence that you are getting enough relevant,  continuous information, and support in your journey. Whether you are looking for information or hairspiration, products or people who relate to you.

This is not a hate space, a #weavesmustfall thing. We are here to reinforce self love, we want to create a space where South African girls can be proud of who we are, as we let our hair grow as nature intended. It doesn’t matter what your curl type is, what the colour of your skin is, or which hood you hail from – you’re welcome here. As long as you’re loving your hair or on the way to loving it, this is where you belong. from Naturalhair.co.za

MRL Private Collection will continue to walk this journey with the naturalistas of South Africa and Africa.