Ladies Perfume

Collection Perfume for Men’s and Ladies Fragrances

50ml Mens & Ladies Perfume – R145
100ml Mens & Ladies Perfume – R200

Creations Men’s and Ladies Perfume Fragrances

30ml Mens & Ladies Perfume – R85
50ml Mens & Ladies Perfume – R170

We offer a variety of ladies perfume generic fragrances inspired by all the well- known brands. Our quality fine fragrances have been developed for us by an International Fragrance Company of long standing, whose highly skilled, innovative and creative perfumers blend unique combinations of natural and synthetic raw materials to create the harmonious Fine Fragrances in ladies perfume which we then utilize to produce the carefully selected offerings in our range. The process combined with our beautiful packaging and affordable pricing has set MRL Private Collection ladies perfume apart from our competitors.

We have a production team who manufacture all our ladies perfume products on site, while the Admin Office strives to assist Sales Agents and motivate them to grow!We have a variety of success stories from our Top Sales Agents and several of our other, smaller agents. Besides growing our business, our aim is to empower women and men into starting their own businesses selling ladies perfume. Our success directly links to the success of all our agents across South Africa. We have distributors selling ladies perfume from Cape Town to Namibia.

We look forward to you joining us on this EMPOWERING journey in ladies perfume.