Hair Care – 3 Pack Gift Set


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Hair Tonic Spray 150ml

Revitalises roots, stimulates hair growth. Enhances appearance, feel & reducing hair loss due to shedding. A good remedy for dandruff and revitalising damaged, thin & dull hair.

Moisturising Oil Spray 150ml

Instantly absorbed, infusing the hair with moisture and nutrients for silky smooth, healthy looking hair. Dry, brittle hair is rejuvenated with increased shine and control.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo 150ml

Contains an infusion of Calendula extract, Coconut oil and Vitamin E in a mild Plant derived?Shampoo base. Restores vitality and condition to the hair and scalp.

Easy-Comb Hair Moisturizer 150ml

Instantly detangles, moisturizes and softens hair strands, helps the comb glide through the toughest tangles, minimizing breakage and leaving hair soft and shiny.

Hair Protein Cream 250g

Natural curl activating. Restores & retain lost hair moisture making it softer & more manageable. Excellent for relaxed, braided or weaved hair.

Nutri Rich Hair Food 250g

Nourishes dry scalp & hair to help promote naturally healthy hair growth.


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