MRL Creations - Est 2009

Established in 2009, MRL stocks of wide range of men & womens perfumes, colonges, creams & other beauty products

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We at MRL Private collection manufactures fragrance from high quality oils, by professional perfumers from France. A guarantee to make you different and enable to bring your own aura onto others.

About MRL creations:


The MRL Vision

To fulfill the needs of the aspirational South African market by being the preferred provider of fragrance, skincare, hair care and many more. As well as being a business to empower small businesses.

The MRL Mission

To exceed our expectations in manufacturing the best products. To attract Sales Agents who live the brand and believe in what they are selling. MRL is dedicated to assist the Sales Agent and make a difference in their growth





I think that the person needs to be sure about what he/she is selling(product knowledge), then they need to understand their target market, breathe the brand, enjoy interacting with people. I enjoy meeting new people, because perfume can alter your mood I take pleasure out of making someone feel good about themselves, it creates financial freedom & being my own boss which means the effort I put in equates to what I get out of it. I worked long hours for a less than satisfactory income, I worked many hours of overtime but was still at the bottom of the food chain, since being with MRL I was able to acquire things I would probably still be dreaming of today.

I will most definitely recommend it anyone & everyone

Shane Jenneker

MRL Agent

Our Company is very proud to be associated and in partnership with the MRL Private Collection Brand, an association that spans over many years. Through this partnership, we have managed to change the lives of many people by giving them the opportunity to start their own small businesses and thereby making a contribution to the monthly household disposable income. Young people were introduced to becoming entrepreneurs and many families could now offer their families a little extra.

Whether you want to become a serious business person or whether you want to live a little more comfortable in the challenging expensive daily environment, MRL PRIVATE COLLECTION has made it possible for all who are serious about a little commitment and genuine client services.

Trevor @ MRL Perfume

MRL Agent

To Excel, you need to be hardworking, know your product, be committed to Brand. There is still a lot of opportunity to grow with the Company & being associated with MRL has definitely changed my life as I could use the extra cash to pay up my bonds when I needed it most.

Natalie Campbell

MRL Agent

What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in being an MRL agent?
Ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied because MRL perfumes are the best on the market and once the client , all it requires is for you to check in with them and ask. Everybody wants to BE & FEEL special, & with MRL they can feel great & smell great at the same time.

What do you like best about being part of this company?
I love the fact that I have a fantastic support group from the MRL Team. It feels like I have my own business and the best support team that can assist with any task at hand. All sales tools is available for you from your starter kits to selling tips and advice that’s a phone call away. The staff is amazing at MRL. The MRL brand sells itself due to it being quality and the finest in the market.

Since you started with MRL how did it change your life financially ?
I’m a single mom with two teenagers and have a fulltime job that covers my basic living expenses. When I was introduced to MRL it changed my life to such a degree that I am able to manage my income much better and thanks to the additional income I am officially a HOME OWNER and a lady that is known for changing people’s lives with making them feel and smell great J . Sky is the limit with MRL and I’m looking forward to changing more people’s lives.

Would you recommend others to join the MRL team?
I will certainly recommend others to join the MRL team and there is lots of opportunity to inspire and grow.

Melissa Williams

MRL Agent


Our company has grown from 30 agents to 261 over the eight years since we started the MRL Private Collection Company. The MRL Private Collection had grown from strength to strength boasting a staff compliment and an operational factory.



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